Our Story

Health Focused Food

Welcome to Nzuko.
Nzuko serves good-for-you cuisine, bringing in influences from the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and beyond. We offer a collection of delicious and healthy recipes sourced from all around the world. We always provide the healthiest ingredients to maximize freshness and help you get the most out of your meals.

By bringing together healthy and fresh ingredients with global recipes we hope to gather friends and strangers alike to bring about a healthier life for everyone.

A Little Taste

From The Menu

  • Vegan Delight Plate

    A colorful platter of vegan coleslaw, falafels, mixed greens, tomatoes, hummus, and onions

  • Tropical Salad

    Crisp greens, cherry tomatoes, corn, pineapples, mangos, red onions, and lemon house dressing

  • Falafel pocket

    Regular Falafel | Spicy Falafel


A Gathering Of Styles

Food From All Over


Your Special Event

• Weddings     • Anniversaries    • Special Occasions

Celebrate your special event in Style. Let Us Take Care of the Food
Our exquisite & creative cuisine will make your special day beautiful & enjoyable. You will be able to select from a couple of pre-defined menus that will please many different palates.


Your Family Dinner

Not enough time to cook every single night?

Let us help!

With our Private Dining Catering we will cook your family dinner. Choose from a wide selection of different pre-defined menu items.